Hybrid Chatbots for Customer Service

all the benefits of chatbots and live chat agents in one solution

Despite their versatility, bots cannot yet replace 100% human communication.

But live support teams can also fail to cope with the flow of incoming requests during peak periods (seasonal sales, promotions, mass delivery delays caused by a shipping company, etc.) when the personal approach and quality of service drops due to overburdening and the human factor.

Can a company automate the processing of incoming messages and unload operators at the same time while maintaining a high level of customer service?

Kwizbot allows you to do even more!

Live Agent, Automated Services or a Hybrid Bot:What Works Best and When

Live Chat customer service — communicating with support in real-time via a widget or messenger
chat — can be broadly divided into three types: chatting with a live operator, a chatbot, or hybrid (mixed), where agents and bots complement each other. Let's take a brief look at the key features of these approaches.

How such tasks are generally solved:

Your clients or website visitors communicate in real-time with a specially trained person from your team or outsource specialist.

Pros of talking to a human operator:

No imitation of communication — a conversation with a real person;
Understanding and solving complex problems;
A truly 100% personal service approach.


Working hours of operators are limited; 24/7 service requires a large support team;
High cost of service;
One agent cannot respond in all channels at once;
Lower speed of response (a person needs to think as a minimum).

On the one hand, human-to-human communication is indispensable when dealing with complex tasks, such as technical support, or when more questions arise in the course of a discussion. A personal, face-to-face communication inspires more trust in a company — for some business areas, this may be critical.

Rule-Based Chatbot With Buttons/AI Chatbot

In this case, a user communicates with a program whose possible answers are scripted in advance (FAQ bots with ready-made phrase blocks and buttons), or which can understand the context of the request by recognising keywords and phrases in the request (AI-based, NLP or voice bots).

The pros of chatbots:

They respond instantly and are not tied to company working hours;
Cost of service is much lower — they replace several employees;
Can interact with many users simultaneously, across multiple channels;
Indispensable for handling simple, repetitive requests.


Are not suitable for more complex or specific tasks;
Can fail or respond out of line (if AI does not recognise the request correctly);
They still cannot replace a human with emotions and empathy.

Chatbots are a highly versatile tool. For a business where most enquiries are simple, routine questions, they are indispensable indeed. Bots also can be used to send out mass mailings across all channels, recommend products, accept payments, automate some of the routine support and marketing tasks, and do lots of other cool things. You can read more about the capabilities of omnichannel bots in our article.

Hybrid Bots (Hybrid Chat)

It's a solution that combines the benefits of both bots and communication with a real agent — the best of two worlds! Generally speaking, it is a chatbot that allows you to switch the dialogue to a live operator.


The advantages of both approaches;
Efficiency at scale: automate the processing of simple requests with a bot and allow your team to focus on more complex tasks, connecting only in specific cases.


Require a longer implementation time than a simple bot;
You need a tool that allows you to combine all channels for consistent and comprehensive service.

But you have nothing to worry about with the omnichannel capabilities of the Kwizbot chatbot platform. The Operator Panel — provides a unified interface for customer and operator communication, allowing agents to take over the dialogue from any connected messenger and continue the conversation with the customer when they need to talk to a human or if the bot fails to answer their question.

Benefits of the Hybrid Model for Business

1) Lower personnel costs through automated processing of simple enquiries;

2) Freeing time and energy of your employees from routine, allowing them to pay better attention to other tasks;

3) All-round customer support anytime, anywhere:

Manage your customer interactions through a single interface that integrates your communication channels (widget, multiple messengers, other services);
Human assistance is guaranteed if the client needs it + FAQ bot for 24/7 communication
Distribute the flow of incoming messages (assign topics to conversations, assign individual subjects or conversations to groups of operators, etc.);
Access to customer data and built-in analytics and reporting tools.

In this way, hybrid chatbot solutions solve many problems at once: a chatbot acts as a "safety net" for the contact centre team, instantly replying to users, while the possibility to talk to an operator in a customer-friendly format increases their loyalty and appreciation of your company.

How Will a Hybrid Bot Affect the Work of the Existing Agents/Integrate Into Your Processes?

Globally, the process of handling incoming customer requests will not change: a chatbot will act as just another virtual support agent. Bot only answers questions that it understands — provided by a script (FAQ) or NLP elements.

How advanced the chatbot will be, depends on your company's needs. There are no limitations neither in terms of load nor functionality (except the restrictions of messengers). Kwizbot Operator Panel module, just like the platform in general, is easy to integrate with your existing systems.

As a product development team, we've made sure that this process goes as quickly and smoothly as possible. Email us to find out more about the product — we will be happy to discuss your project and deliver the best solution.

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