Age Verification and Liveness Detection

Confirm the age of your bot users and that they are live persons

Kwizbot allows you to verify age and that a user is a genuine person (not a bot) through the use of FaceID technology by Evergreen.

Check who you interact with

If you sell products or services that require mandatory identification, Face ID integration will work for you

Remote customer onboarding

The system minimises human intervention and can verify customer identity by comparing selfies with photos on documents.

Additional layer of security

Mitigate the risks associated with grey schemes, fraud and unscrupulous employees.

Legal age verification

Restrict the 18+ sections from underage users. Neural networks will detect the visitor's age, and the content will be hidden from users who look too youthful.

Liveness detection

The system can detect the liveness of a person by recognising emotions and movements in a video in real-time. You can set the rules for verification and control the result.

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Modification of scenario to suit your needs

Since FaceID and Kwizbot have both been developed by Evergreen, we can tailor the recognition script to your needs. For example, we can include more verification steps, implement recognition of document fields, verify client's selfies or videos against an earlier photo in the system or a specific database.

The system works with photo and video data, gesture and emotion-based verification (e.g., prompting a user to close their eye, smile, raise their hand), recognition of sex, age, ethnicity, and much more. There are virtually no limitations to the scenarios — it all depends on the requirements of your business.

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