Barcode & QR Code Scannerand Generator for Chatbots

Barcode and QR-code recognition by photo and generation of all popular barcode and QR-code types in your chatbot

Kwizbot provides a set of built-in tools to process barcodes and QR codes in the chatbot. The native image reader detects barcodes of all popular formats on photos. And, it is invariant to tilt and rotation angles and can recognise even pictures of relatively poor quality. Some examples of how it works on real photos.

An example of operation on real photos

What if you need to create a chatbot for your loyalty program and generate barcodes or QR codes directly in your Telegram or Viber bot?

In this case, simply use our built-in barcode and QR-code generator. You can use it to generate a barcode or QR-code image and share it with your chatbot user. More than 100 formats are supported, including EAN13, EAN 8, QR Code, and PDF417.

Some examples of barcodes produced by the bot:

What sorts of things could be created using such mechanisms?

For example, a barcode reader on Telegram for 1C: a bot that would recognise photos of barcodes, send requests to 1C and, for example, check the price/stock of goods. It is also possible to build a Viber bot to generate QR codes or make an invitation to the bot encoded in a QR link or a QR menu.

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