Chatbots for Digital Healthcare

Set up communication with patients in their favourite messenger, keep them informed about special offersand provide virtual appointments with Kwizbot

Instant integration with

+ custom channels

In the healthcare industry, personal data protection is extremely important. Kwizbot — is a unique solution that allows your clinic or laboratory to securely store data and at the same time provide wow-service, remote consultations and online booking within the messenger.

Benefits of Kwizbot Platform for Healthcare Providers


With products that have APIs, CRM and ERP systems, FTP servers, as well as databases


One bot for all messengers, supporting different languages and channels

Placement inside the perimeter

Host Kwizbot Enterprise on your own servers or private cloud

Key features of Kwizbot healthcare chatbots

Launch without any integrations, and add more features by integrating with HIS/LIMS

Contact center and service

Let people write to you instead of calling.Automate routine operations with scripts and enable a quick way to talk to a human agent.

Communication scenarios & polls

Create customer communication scenarios in an easy-to-use chat builder. Automate your workflows so as not to distract your doctors or contact centre.

Patient notifications

Set up patient notifications via a healthcare HIS/CRM and communicate news, appointment reminders or recalls to follow a regimen or procedures.


Safe purchases and payment of bills through Viber bot using convenient modern systems Googleand Apple Pay.

Video calls& saved dialogues

Consult with patients remotely and upload all communication history and video recordings to your private servers or cloud storage.

Loyalty cards

Why carry around plastic?
Issue the card directly in messenger or add it to a Google or Apple Wallet.

Jobs, addresses& contacts

Advertise your open positions in the bot.Inform patients about the nearest lab or clinicand its working hours.

Appointment& service booking

Enable users to quickly schedule an appointment or purchase a service without having to visit your website or app.

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More about chatbots for clinics

Medical chatbots are a versatile tool that allows you to communicate with patients, set up automated scheduling, consult with your patients remotely and much more.The main advantages of chatbots for clinics and medical laboratories are:

24/7 availability;
Reduction of call centre overhead costs;
Automation of basic services (medical test results, appointment reminders, promotions);
Harmonised care: chatbots are devoid of the human factor, so all clients receive standardised assistance.

Aside from unambiguous efficiency in streamlining processes, chatbots for clinics and laboratories collect patient data (age, most common health complaints, number of queries and visits, prescriptions, and so on).

By developing a chatbot for your clinic or laboratory, you will keep up with digital trends and significantly improve your patient care and communication. A functional virtual health assistant will help you win their loyalty and trust.

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