Bot Integration With CRM/1C

How to connect your Kwizbot chatbot to 1C and other popular CRM and ERP systems

You can link Kwizbot with your CRM (Bitrix24, amoCRM, Onebox, etc.) and ERP (for example, 1C, Odoo, Dynamics Nav). To do so, you will require some of the low-code features of the Kwizbot platform. Let's talk about standard integration scenarios.

Running a chatbot script from CRM/ERP

You need an event in the external system to trigger the bot to send something to the user.It might be necessary for:

Notifying the customer of the order/delivery status.
The user has placed an order and wants to be notified when the order is complete, shipped, delivered, etc.
Conducting a satisfaction survey.
A short time after the service has been provided or the goods delivered, you ask the client to rate the service quality by taking a short survey.
Sending a reminder to pay.
Getting customers to make a repeat order.
And much more.

In general, these objectives can be met the following way:

1. You create a webhook or trigger in your CRM/ERP that sends a call to a specific Kwizbot URL.
2. The parameters of this call shall indicate the bot and which entry point in the script this call addresses, user ID and channel (messenger). The request may contain additional data that can be transferred from the script.
3. Kwizbot will then start a scenario for the said user from a specified point.
You will need the call_ node method of the API module to handle such tasks. Make sure it is installed, and if in doubt, check with the developers.

Read more about how to use the API here: Launching a bot script using the API module. And also make sure that you have obtained the user's permission to send them notifications. Read more about it here: User subscription to notifications from the bot.

Read instructions for popular CRMs here: Integration of Kwizbot with popular CRMs.

Receiving or sending data within a script

You need to receive or send data from or to an external system as part of a script. It can be necessary for:

Receiving exchange rates, weather for tomorrow, bus times or ticket prices via API;
Sending the results of a user survey to your CRM;
Asking the user for the desired delivery time and saving it to the order;
And much more.

How to implement this? In Kwizbot, we use actions.

Read more about it here: Sending data from Kwizbot using send_request and Receiving data via API using send_request.

Synchronising users or directories

Sometimes you need data to run a bot that is initially stored in an external system. For example, you already have a list of car brands and models, a list of your customers, or a list of branches/cities.

You can request this data every time via the API as described above. However, for bots handling many users and high traffic loads, this will cause problems because the bot will wait for the external system to fetch data, and as the number of users increases, the bot may slow down noticeably.

It would be more appropriate to retrieve all possible directory values at once in this case and then search a specific one directly in the bot without having to access an external system each time. And for the bot to have up-to-date data, synchronisation should be done every once in a while.

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