Chatbots for Insurance Companies

Automate customer communication, optimize insurance claim cycles and advise customers 24/7with insurance bots

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+ custom channels

Insurance chatbots — represent an additional communication channel that can quickly grow into a full-fledged online assistant. Using the chatbot, customers can submit insurance claims, process their documents and get answers to common questions in a split second.

Benefits of Kwizbot Platform for Insurance Industry


With products that have APIs, CRM and ERP systems, FTP servers, as well as databases


One bot for all messengers, supporting different languages and channels

Placement inside the perimeter

Host Kwizbot Enterprise on your own servers or private cloud

Key features of Kwizbot insurance bots

Launch fast, connect the services you need, and automate processes

Unload your support team

Automate answers to common customer questions with scripts. Provide instant replies and only switch to a live operator to resolve specific issues.

Communication scenarios & polls

Create customer communication scenarios in an easy-to-use chat builder. Automate your workflows so as not to distract your agents or contact centre.

Client notifications

Set up user groups and share updates on promotions, insurance plans and company news directly in messenger.


Safe purchases and payment of bills through Viber bot using convenient modern systems Googleand Apple Pay.

Jobs, addresses& contacts

Advertise your open positions in the bot.Inform clients about the nearest officeand its working hours.

Fast policy issuance

The policy can now be issued via messenger without using the website or app.We can also implement document field recognition functionality for an even faster policy purchase procedure.

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Insurance chatbot use cases

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Why would an insurance company need a chatbot?

For an insurance company, as for any business, the chatbot is an additional channel for sales and customer communication. An ever-growing messenger audience means new opportunities for your business.

What messengers do chatbots integrate with?

Our chatbots work on the most popular messengers: Viber, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp. We can also optionally implement channels you are interested in, plus a website widget.

What are the functional limitations of a bot?

Chatbots are not limited to just messenger buttons. Advanced bots can support a conversation, connect recognition systems (natural language and document processing), analyse dialogue, switch to live agents, and integrate with corporate software systems and external APIs.

Is it possible to make payments through a bot?

Yes, users can pay for services immediately in messengers, which will make the buying process much easier.

What does a bot need to work correctly?

For a bot to work correctly (for sales, paperwork, and other operations), open API methods are required in the systems connecting to the chatbot.

How does a bot help reduce business costs?

By automating work processes and transferring some routine tasks to bots - thereby optimising information management and reducing advertising campaign costs - a company can make significant savings. The overall cost of customer interaction with chatbots is much cheaper than other channels such as the traditional sending of texts to mobile phones.

Is there a website widget?

Yes, the chatbots built on our Kwizbot platform can be placed on web pages. You can read more about the different types of widgets and what they look like here.

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