Kwizbot On-Server Deployment

Options for hosting the platform or bots on private servers or in the cloud

The Kwizbot platform consists of services that communicate with each other. This architecture allows for several deployment methods, including bare metal, cloud (AWS off-the-shelf implementation), other dedicated servers or virtualization systems.

Architecture-wise, it can be a monolithic server, fragmented services with multiple servers, or cloud-based microservices. The platform can be orchestrated using well-known tools.

The throughput capacity of the Kwizbot platform has no limitations at the level of functionality or infrastructure; one of the conditional limitations is at the messenger level.

Recommended server capacity

Recommended server capacity
Minimal requirements
Recommended requirements
Operating system
Debian 9
Debian 10
4 core
4 core
4 GB
8 - 16 GB
200 GB
1000 GB
1 Gbit/s
1 Gbit/s

Examples of Architecture

Here are some examples of the possible server architecture of a bot management platform if deployed on a monolithic server or in the cloud

Kwizbot and chatbots made with it can also be hosted on Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or virtually any other cloud platform.

Hosting a chatbot on dedicated servers entails, first of all, choosing a hosting service. If you need to host a Telegram bot, make sure that the servers are not located in a country where this messenger is banned.

Also, consider the load and complexity of the bot itself. If you expect high loads, choose a hosting service that can not only handle heavy traffic but also provides some extra capacity (and at a reasonable price).

But if you want to create a more complex chatbot that uses a neural network or even their combinations, you will need a dedicated server with a GPU for quick implementation.

The stability of bot hosting is crucial for smooth communication with customers, their user experience and overall satisfaction with the virtual assistant.

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