Livestream Video Communication

Identify customers and sell in real-time

Live video is a growing global trend. It can be used for customer identification and verification without the need to send them to other services. You can showcase your products almost like in an offline store, only on camera. And yes, it's gaining popularity across a variety of industries. If you are not yet using such a solution, we highly recommend that you consider adopting it.

Ways of using video communication in business

Live Video Shopping

A live product demonstration. The customer gets into a live stream with a consultant, the consultant displays the product and offers the opportunity to make a live purchase. It is a new and globally ultra-popular way of shopping as an alternative to visiting offline outlets.

Identity Verification

Integrate identity verification feature and streamline your credit processes as well as those requiring age or KYC verification. A user-friendly interface will help prompt which document your prospects need to show to identify themselves and save a record and screenshots of the process.

Face-to-Face Consultations

It is sometimes necessary to give the client and consultant a chance to talk face-to-face to resolve private matters. Allow a video call to be initiated immediately, without leaving the conventional channel of communication.

Better to see it once than read twice

During a live stream presentation, your customers will see the product or showroom, which increases their loyalty and willingness to buy from you

Instant and scheduled video appointments

При бронюванні клієнт зможе вибрати категорію товару та бажаний час консультації

Simply follow the link

Works on any device and web browser (Chrome, Safari, Opera), no dedicated apps required!

Persuade customers
to buy

The Live Cart module allows your consultants to prompt the customer to complete the purchase process.

Easy launch

You can start without complicated integrations and gradually connect everything you need.

Simple 2-click installation

You integrate our script into your website and create a button through which buyers will order live broadcasts of a product or service from your sellers directly from the product page.

I want this on my website

Sell with Live Stream

What client sees

What consultant sees

More about video communication

Lockdowns have caused businesses to move online en masse. Remote customer communication solutions provide a way to mitigate operational losses and open up new sales channels.

Video shopping has become a way of communicating with consumers in a new reality. During a live broadcast, customers can fully evaluate the visual appearance and quality of products and get detailed advice from the shop employee assigned to them.

Another great benefit of implementing Livestream Shopping is that you can watch how customers choose a product in real-time, react to their possible concerns and guide them through every stage of the purchasing process.

Speaking of specific fields where customer identification is required, our system offers real-time user verification against a photo in the customer's documents. It reduces processing time and allows consultants to handle more queries, thus minimising human error and chances of fraud.

How much does it cost?

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