Omnichannel Chatbots in Messengers

An indispensable business assistant for communicating across multiple channels in parallel

Companies invest in different channels because there is a simple rule of thumb: the more information about you that comes from multiple sources, the more you talk about yourself and the more resources you use to engage potential and existing customers, the faster your audience will grow.

However, omnichannel means not only capturing new customers but rather delivering a quality service across all platforms. Your tone-of-voice should sound consistent wherever your brand comes into contact with clients, i.e. at every stage of the customer journey down the funnel.

We have already written about a solution that helps businesses integrate and manage their disparate communication channels in a single interface: the omnichannel Operator Panel. Now let's talk about the capabilities of omnichannel chatbots, which have been at the top of the digital trends for several years now.

What Is an Omnichannel Chatbot and Why It Is Important For Business

A chatbot is a programme that simulates a real-time conversation with a person in a chat or messenger, responding to incoming user requests. It can use ready-made instant responses (the user selects possible options from the menu), product cards with a button, videos, polls, galleries, or elements of artificial intelligence — depending on the messenger or chat box capabilities and what you want to do.

For businesses, a chatbot is not just a tribute paid to fashion but a really powerful tool for streamlining workflows and improving the customer experience:

1) an all-in-one contact centre solution: handle standard customer issues while reducing operator workloads and speeding up service, and lowering personnel overheads;

2) an effective marketing tool: implement message broadcasting, loyalty systems, maintain feedback from your audience and find new areas of business growth;

3) a stand-alone specialised product, such as a chatbot for insurance processing, a gym chatbot to help create and stick to a personal workout plan, appointment scheduling bots for beauty or medical centres, a hotel chatbot and others;

4) a tool to automate internal business processes. For instance, an omnichannel bot helps generate reports on activities in different messengers, synchronise the work of related departments (e.g. HR and accounting, marketing and sales), and much more.

The Benefits of Adopting Omnichannel Bots for Customer Support

They include:

1) Reaching a much larger audience. An omnichannel chatbot that simultaneously operates across multiple messengers would allow you to expand the presence of your business on those platforms. In 2021, the number of Telegram users hit the 500 million mark, Viber has 260 million users, and Facebook Messenger — boasts a record 1.3 billion. And among them are your existing customers and potential leads; consolidate your communications with them into a single channel;


2) Autonomy. The user doesn't have to download additional apps while you, as a business, don't need to invest in their development. Chatbot integrates seamlessly with existing popular services and your corporate systems;

3) Versatility. The chatbot is easy to connect to a website, social platforms, and combine with "live" support — invite people into a chat if the user wishes so;

4) Speed of response Just a few seconds — and your client finds the information they need. An interesting fact:і the odds of qualifying a potential lead decrease 4 times, if they wait 5 to 10 minutes for a response and 21 times if that time extends to half an hour;

5) Personalisation. By monitoring request dynamics, customer feedback and ratings, you study your audience's preferences and desires. The chatbot can recommend new products based on purchase history, most popular products statistics, and more;

6) Sales growth. It is directly related to the above considerations. A quality service increases customer loyalty, and a properly configured chatbot sales auto-funnel can boost conversion rates several times.It requires a clever script, however. Guide the user to the appropriate thread, answer their questions, meet their needs as much as possible, and you've sealed the deal.

Key Features of Omnichannel Bots Powered by Kwizbot

If you are planning to implement an omnichannel strategy, trust our team to create a chatbot for your business, and you will get:

A single bot for automating multiple channels: we will bring together the communication in several messengers, website widget and switching to an operator in a single project;
Multilanguage support: choose the required languages when connecting your bot to the platform, and then synchronize all translations via the Kwizbot script editor;
Built-in messenger support: create bots for Viber, Telegram, Facebook Messenger. Need an additional channel? Let's connect it, too;
Interactive interface elements: buttons, carousels with photos, various menu options, videos, and custom design add-ons;
Instant payments directly in the bot, integration with popular Google Pay and Apple Pay services;
Speed of development and management: one chatbot script works for all messengers without the need to clone bots, and all changes are made in an easy-to-use editor;
Customisation and API integrations with external systems and services.

Summing Up

Stay close to your customers where they want to connect with you! Omnichannel bots build with Kwizbot are efficient tools for instant user interactions: they stay connected 24/7, inform customers about your services and products, deliver personalised recommendations, newsletters and gather feedback.

Need more features? Contact us, and let's create a unique product together.

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