Omnichannel Messaging with Kwizbot

All customer communication in a handy messaging app

Customers no longer want to call — they prefer writing, and they do so through different channels.

Omnichannel — experience means bringing together disparate customer communication channels in a unified system. It is impossible to imagine contact centres without it, especially those in the e-commerce sector. With Kwizbot omnichannel service, you can consolidate your Telegram, Viber, Facebook, widget and any other communication channel in a single platform.

A single interface for omnichannel customer engagement

While the business community keeps looking for the best messenger, Kwizbot saves you the guesswork!

Handy Operator Panel

Give your agents the ability to respond to all messengers and widgets from a single agent interface. Kwizbot is a software for omnichannel contact centers that has been tested in complex cases

Instant integration with

+ custom channels

Kwizbot Operator Panel is a multiple channel messaging platform to engage with your customers

Your customers no longer want to call — they want to text in messengers. Provide them with excellent service, and we will take care of everything else!

Multi-language support

Handle global customer inquiries in a single user-friendly interface


Kwizbot Enterprise can be deployed within a security contour, hence being an ideal choice for companies dealing with sensitive data

Not bound to phone number

No link to your team's private SIM cardsor phone numbers


Kwizbot is capable of handling any load from multiple messengers

We are trusted by

And many other leaders

A turnkey solution for contact centres

Agents, supervisors,and access rights

Assigning topics to conversations

Messenger integrationwith CRM/ERP

Inactivity timeout,setting up working hoursand automatic responses

API integrations

Сontrols from the script

Client identificationand mini-card

Quick repliesfor agents

NPS-surveysand evaluationof service quality

Chat distributionbetween agents basedon topics and skill groups

Chat historyand backup to external systems

File transferin the desired formatand size

Contact centre automation with Kwizbot

With the functionality of the Kwizbot platform, you can run a full-fledged virtual call centre with no dedicated hardware, as the service integrates into the existing software environment.

Our service already covers the needs of companies in various fields:

Mono-commodity niche business. The Kwizbot omnichannel platform provides workflow automation for consultants, helps divide the flow of requests (assigning a manager to each client), and process them promptly;
Clients who plan to use message broadcasting via messengers. For example, the standard mass mailing in Viber is limited to 50 contacts, which is not suitable for business. With Kwizbot, you can broadcast messages to all your contacts while getting additional features in a single solution;
Top executives who need a personal digital assistant. Chatbots made with Kwizbot allow you to book flights, manage schedules, book hotel rooms and solve similar tasks without wasting time.

Kwizbot is suitable for the automation of any communication-related business processes. Interested in implementing an omnichannel contact centre in your company? Let us know or fill in the form.

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