Chatbot Builder

Robust, user-friendly and secure Enterprise-level conversation builder

Medium and large enterprises have many requirements that are unfeasible for conventional chatbot builders.

But not for Kwizbot. We have designed a builder that combines end-user (manager or analyst) convenience with secure data storage, integration capabilities, customisation and on-premise deployment capabilities required for enterprise clients.

A single chatbot builder compatible with popular messaging platforms

You no longer need multiple editing interfaces for different platforms

+ additional channels

Kwizbot Chatbot Builder

Take full advantage of the Kwizbot conversation builder to make a chatbot with integrations, payments and more

Business Benefits of Kwizbot Conversation Builder


With products that include APIs, CRM and ERP systems, FTP servers, and databases


One bot for all messengers, supporting different languages and channels

Integration With Payment Systems

Instant payments, available on most messengers

We are trusted by

And many other leaders


Direct API integrationsfrom the script

You can send REST API requests, process the response and use it in the bot script.

Statistics and funnels

Tracking data for both active and inactive users, progress up to a given point, and sales funnel.

Receiving and sending files

Add images and files to your scripts to simplify and speed up the process of communicating with your users and resolving issues.

Connect me to a human!

Switch from bot to a live agent using the Operator Panel.

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Variables, objects, conditions in low-code

Build logical conditions and complex data using simple low-code mechanics.

Custom actions

Develop your custom full-fledged java script classes and functions and use them in scripts where low-code doesn't work.

Mobile payments

Secure shopping and payment processing in Viber bots via Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Manage your widget

Create interactive stories and control your widget directly from the script.

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Polls and checklists

Take polls and save checklist results.

Barcodes and QR codes

Enable barcodes and QR codes to be read directly from the bot.

Convenient bot builder for Telegram, Viber,Facebook Messenger

Kwizbot, the chatbot builder, allows you to manage your bots' lifecycles. We've built our platform based on the needs and requests of our customers, namely:

Support for integrations with CRM systems, databases, project management systems, in-house development and any other software required;
Ability to modify the chatbot without the help of developers;
At the same time, you can create custom modules and host bots on your private servers;
Transparent data storage policy, which you can find here;
System security, data security;
Analytics module to monitor the bot's efficiency.

Our product is in a constant improvement process, and we respond to new market needs and address them instantly.

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