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Omnichannel means that the various communication channels between customers and a company willbe merged into a unified system and continuously managed and streamlined. It underpins modern customer service and is indispensable for contact centres, especially in e-commerce.

At this point, instant messengers claim to be the most popular means of communication. As of 2021, for example, WhatsApp reached 2 billion users, Facebook Messenger – 1.3 billion, Telegram – 500 million. Viber still has a large audience in Eastern Europe and the CIS countries, with over 260 million monthly users. The main advantage of omnichannel messaging is that it opens up a way to direct communication with customers in channels they already actively use.

Kwizbot's omnichannel Operator Panel can process incoming messages from multiple sources simultaneously, including Telegram, Viber and Facebook Messenger. At the same time, the service integrates easily with other modules of the Kwizbot platform and various enterprise systems. Let's take a closer look at the opportunities this opens up for the company.

Why Messengers Have Grown in Popularity

Messengers and online chats are gradually replacing phone calls, texting and email in everyday communication, and companies are increasingly expanding their presence on these platforms.And for several reasons:

1) Convenience. Mobile chat is always at your fingertips, and the app comes with a plethora of additional features (read status, file sharing, ability to share geolocation, etc.). The apps sync across devices and do not depend on mobile connectivity;

2) Security. In messengers, all information is encrypted;

3) Business opportunities. You most likely use instant messengers in your everyday life, just like your customers, so it makes sense to use them at the company level;

4) Increased credibility. Companies that offer more ways to communicate are perceived as more transparent and customer-oriented and inspire more trust.

Key Benefits of an Omnichannel Messaging Platform

An omnichannel platform allows you to combine WhatsApp and Viber into one app, for example.By expanding your company's presence across different digital channels, you get additional value:

1) Reaching new audiences. The use of messengers increases your chances of 'reaching' customers where they are every day. So you'll create even more touch points for your business – more opportunities to make sales, generate more revenue and build long-term relationships with customers;

2)  Improved customer experience. Enable users to contact you at their convenience, in a dynamic messenger format or by aggregating all chats on one site;

3)  Increased loyalty. Quality and timely service across all channels that clients use forms a positive image of the company that gives it an additional competitive edge;

4) A personalised service generates more revenue. Practice shows that customers respond betterand more often to individual enquiries – the more likely they are to come back to you. Plus, you get a constant source of customer feedback;

5) Process manageability. The platform enables support agents to process messages from different channels in parallel, never lose sight of the context, and makes it easy for managers to find the exact dialogue and verify the quality of the resolution of an issue;

6) Improved efficiency of your contact centre. The Operator Panel allows your employees to quickly identify a customer, see their contact history and process requests much faster. Instead of multiple applications or tabs, the employee works in a single window, and the OP itself integrates easily with relevant systems and databases;

7) Automation and cost reduction. Connect omnichannel chatbots to your conversations. If necessary,
a manager will join and continue the conversation via the Operator Panel interface.

Kwizbot Operator Panel – a Unified Messenger for Contact Centres

The Operator Panel module integrates dialogues from all connected messengers into a single interface, offers flexible settings and will provide your managers with:

Access to all communication channels with the client;
Assigning topics to conversations and a convenient search (filtering) system;
Viewing of communication history and client information;
Quick file transfer;
Identification of the client before the start of the dialogue;
Distribution of users by topics and operators.

Core Functionality of the Operator Panel:

1) Creating and editing users.
When adding and setting up a new user in the system, you specify his name, email, role (administrator, supervisor, operator), the maximum number of dialogues they can participate in, skill group and other data;

2) Assigning subjects and subtopics to conversations.
It is also possible to assign a topic to a logical block within a dialogue (in the bot script), and after saving the changes, all further chats will automatically be added to that topic;

3) Setting up operator groups (skill groups), for example, "Support".
You can link the groups to subjects of enquiries and specify them when creating and editing users;

4) Chat timeout.
Sets the time limit for turning off the chat if there has been no activity in it;

5) Working with files.
Choose the format and maximum size of files to be exchanged between the operator and the client;

6) Configuring which threads operators can see.
Either all subjects or only matching their respective skill group.

Specifics of Customer Chat in the Kwizbot Operator Panel

You can select a dialogue of interest on the left side of the operator panel screen. A dialogue window will open at the central part of the page with information about the customer and their latest activities(their questions and chatbot answers). A message box and the "Start a dialogue" button will also appear. When needed, agents can invite another operator to join the conversation, and they can also reply in the chat. A client will see the name of each operator involved in the conversation.

Once the conversation is over, all information will be stored in the chat history, including contact dateand subject. These details will come in handy for searching through the correspondence because you can filter all threads by topics, dates, and operators involved in the conversation. You can also view closed chats with specific users and message history.

Closing Words

Kwizbot Operator Panel module includes all the tools needed to manage communication across multiple channels. You can unload your support team and engage with customers more effectively at the same time,as well as continuously monitor and improve the quality of your service.

Experience the benefits of Kwizbot and interact with your customers on their preferred platforms, which work best for you! Contact us for more details and to sign up for a demo.

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