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Due to hostilities in Ukraine, we are ready to supply software for partial payment for Ukrainian customers who are not able to pay the full amount for our products. You will support our business and enable our company to continue to provide a team, fulfill obligations to current customers and help our country!

We deliver software within 1-2 days and set it up on a turnkey basis. We are currently working weekends. The main part of the team is safe and in working mode, we help the rest.

Would you like to know more about the benefits of bespoke chatbots? Let us answer any questions you may have!

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Top 5 questions about Kwizbot pricing

Can I change my pricing plan?

Так, за потреби ви можете змінити тарифний план.

What is an Operator Panel?

The Operator Panel is a tool that allows you to bring together all communication and customer data in a unified interface. More information about the Operator Panel can be found here.

How many bots can I launch on the SaaS tariff?

Our SaaS plan allows you to run a limited number of chatbots for any messenger. 1 bot means all channels.

Can you guys develop a chatbot for me from scratch? How much would it cost?

Yes, our team can develop a bespoke chatbot for you. The cost will depend on the complexity of the bot, the scenario, integrations, etc. Please send us a message, and we'll provide more details on your project.

What if I need to host a chatbot on my private servers? How much would it cost?

We perform on-Premise installations on the Customer's servers or in the cloud. Write to us, and we will quickly calculate the cost!