Kwizbot — optimal solution for Contact Centre teamsof 10 or more agents

a chatbot platform with an omnichannel operator panel

Instant integration with

+ custom channels



The system can withstand any load from messengers


With products that have APIs, CRM and ERP systems, FTP servers, and databases


Serve the customer requests from around the globe in a single and convenient interface

Omnichannel Messaging

An omnichannel messaging panel allows you to streamline all dialogues from a single interface and manage agent groups. You can:

Approach your customers in all communication channels

Assign topics to conversations

View customer communication historyand information

Fast file sharing

Screen customer identity before dialogue begins

Categorise users by topicand assign them to different operators

You need Kwizbot to:

Process requests instantly

Your online channels are non-integrable and the processing of requests takes place separately. Kwizbot can help change that.

Unload employees

Your employees spend a lot of time processing typical and repetitive requests. Kwizbot frees uptheir valuable time to be employed more effectively elsewhere.

Monitor applications

You want to control and improve the level of efficiency in the timely processing of applications.

Benefits for business

Round-the-clock support

Provide fast round-the-clock support for your customers by combining customer support agents and AI chats


Connect any communication channels. The customer uses what he likes (Internet, WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Telegram, etc.), you respond from one window

Time Saving

Seamlessly automate the routine part of customer service and use up to 50% of your team's time more efficiently

Team Focus

Focus your team on what brings the most value to AI chat


Omnichannel messenger

With the help of the Kwizbot omnichannel platform, you can combine your Telegram, Viber, Facebook, widget, and any other communication channel into a single window.

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Chatbot builder

We have developed a chatbot builder that combines convenience for the end user (manager or analyst) with secure data storage, integration capabilities, customization and the ability to run on-premise, which is necessary for the Enterprise.

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Trigger newsletter

Simplify newsletter for your customers. Notify the target user groups about news, promotions, and events.


Track the users count, access to a certain point, purchase funnels, active and inactive users.

Customer card

For a transparent communication process store information about your customers:name, basic data, requests.


You can record the steps of the user and the bot, view the history of the client's communication with the system and statistics.

Online Payment

Secure purchases and bill payments via the Viber bot with the help of modern convenient Google and Apple Pay systems.

Website Widget

Online chat for the site with the possibility of customisation. Stay in touch with the users of the resource 24/7.

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