Low-code development and integration

Develop and maintain chatbots without programmers, involve developers only for complex work

Kwizbot — a tool designed to keep simple things simple. You don't need to write complex code to send data to the CRM or retrieve exchange rates through the API.

What you can do without coding

Do complicated things that usually require programming

Build communication scenarios

Use buttons, keypads, sliders and other components to build a bot script.

User notifications

Subscribe users to notifications from external systems, for example, alerts on new promotionsor order progress.

Send requests to external APIs

You can send REST API requests, process the response and use it in your customer service scenario.

Variables, objects& conditions

Build logical conditions and complex data without special knowledge.

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Polls and checklists

Take polls, fill in the forms and checklists directly in a messenger.

Process payments

Accept payments with chatbots.

Manage access rights

There are quite many options, aren't there? But don't worry, your systems will be safe since you decide which colleagues to authorise and for what.

Unlimited chatbots on one platform

Yes, you can create as many bots as you needon the same platform.

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What if all this is not enough?

then you can develop anything with Kwizbot Enterprise

Kwizbot — is a platform that combines low-code development with comprehensive and secure refinement capabilities through advanced programming.

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More about low-code development

A low-code platform — the best solution for running and maintaining a ready-to-use chatbot. Any changes and additions can be made independently and do not require the involvement of a developer at each step (except for advanced custom pieces).

When creating Kwizbot, our team aimed to develop a user-friendly tool that can work as a standalone product and in conjunction with the client infrastructure. That's why our conversation builder provides a visual programming interface, where you can choose the required functional elements from the library, connect them graphically through drag-n-drop, add steps, and so build your custom bot on a low-code platform.

Having worked with chatbots for more than 10 years in the insurance, e-commerce, hotel and restaurant, and other industries, our team has focused on one of the most important customer requests - independent management and customization of their own bots.

We created Kwizbot for online business by combining various tools into one convenient platform.
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