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Users prefer to use Viber as a messaging platform. Viber chatbots are great to generate new sales through messenger, as you can easily integrate accented elements (buttons, product cards, photos, and more) into them. One more advantage of Viber chatbots is their support for instant payments using the most popular payment systems Google Payand Apple Pay.

Benefits of Viber Chatbots for Your Business

A quick and easy way to communicate: answer questions, provide consultations,receive feedback in a convenientconsumer-friendly channel

Your company's virtual manager, available 24/7 and replacing human agents

Operates without a website or app, allows you to accept orders and payments for goods and services via messenger, and broadcast messages for free

Custom Viber bot development

We implement business solutions of any complexity and offeryou a personalised approach

Self-service and chatbot creation using Kwizbot chatbot platform
from $300
Consulting on chatbot scripts
from $1,500
Business-ready bots
from $30,000
Enterprise-level chatbots

Key Advantages of Creating Chatbots for Viber

Fast publishing

Unique service for publishing a chatbot on Viber within a day

Speed of development

Creating a chatbot within 1-2 weeks

Mobile payments

Secure shopping and paymentprocessing in Viber bots

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Top 5 Questions About Chatbots on Viber

What is a Viber chatbot?

A chatbot is a program used for communication, information and providing online support in messengers and websites. Viber chatbots feature broad functionality and interactive elements (carousels, bright accent buttons, emoji).The logic of Viber bots can vary from simple to the most complex scenarios with speech and text recognition.

Maybe my target audience doesn't use Viber? Why would I need a chatbot there?

Viber reaches 98% of mobile app users aged 16-55. It is the most popular messenger in Ukraine, Belarus and several Eastern European countries. You can not only interact with your audience but also gain more followers.

Is Viber safe enough to use with customers?

All of Viber's core features are secured with end-to-end encryption based on the double-ratchet protocol. The chatbot is your personal and private communication channel, and only you have access to all user data and conversations.

What businesses will benefit from employing a chatbot on Viber?

Viber bots are suitable for all types of enterprises who want to establish or automate communication with their clients through an additional channel. For example, in the service industry (hotels, restaurants, delivery services and beyond), the financial and insurance sectors, online retailers, customer support (including connecting a live agent to a dialogue), HR assistance, education - any area that involves high volumes of communication.

Does a bot integrate with other systems?

Absolutely. We integrate chatbots with CRM, accounting and payment systems. It is possible to call an operator to the conversations, and to connect other services via API, including document recognition by photo, search systems and much more.

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