Chatbots for Retailers

Set up communication with customers in their favourite messenger, keep them informed about special offers and even do video shopping with Kwizbot

Instant integration with

+ video room

What operations can be done in a retail-specific chatbot?

Begin with simple basic mechanics and gradually increase the capabilities of your retail bot. Where can you start?

Service & contact centre

Any questions? Let people write to you instead of calling the 0-800. Automate routine operations with scripts and enable a quick way to talk to a human agent.

Loyalty cards

Why carry around plastic?Issue the card directly in messenger or add it to a Google or Apple Wallet.

Promo campaigns& recipes

Let your users only see the campaigns they feel genuinely interested in. Ask your customers what they want to know, and deliver only relevant content.

Jobs, addresses& contacts

Advertise your job openings in the bot. And shoppers can quickly locate the nearest outlet and its working hours.

Benefits of Kwizbot Platform For Retailers


With products that have APIs, CRM and ERP systems, FTP servers, as well as databases


One bot for all messengers, supporting different languages and channels

Placement inside the perimeter

Host Kwizbot Enterprise on your own servers or private cloud

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Any other fancy things you can do?

Integrate with your data bus and expand the capabilities of your shopping bot

Purchase bonuses

The ability to view the bonus balance, manage the bonus account, and see the history of bonus withdrawals.

Purchase history

Don't store the receipts, but rather see the entire purchase history directly in the bot.

Personalised promotions

Зробіть акції дійсно персоналізованими, аналізуйте історію покупок і пропонуйте знижки та бонуси на те, що клієнту справді потрібно.

Faster checkout
for repeat purchases

Simplify the ordering process for repeat customers.Allow those who frequently order the same set of products to purchase in 2 clicks.

Better to see it once than read twice

Live video is a growing global trend. With the Live Cart module, you can showcase your products in real-time — almost like in an offline store. And yes, it's gaining popularity across a variety of industries. If you are not yet using such a solution, we highly recommend that you consider adopting it.

Instant and scheduledvideo appointments

Clients can choose a product category and book a consultation at their preferred time.

Simply follow the link

Works on any device and web browser (Chrome, Safari, Opera), no dedicated apps required!

Persuade customers to buy

The Live Cart module allows your consultants to prompt the customer to complete the purchase process.

Easy launch

You can start without complicated integrationsand gradually connect everything you need.

Would you like to know more about the benefits of bespoke chatbots? Let us answer any questions you may have!

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How integrations with Live Cart work in retail

Live Stream Direct Sales

Live Video Shopping – is not only a trend-setting way to personalise online sales and customer service, but also a range of benefits:

- Real-time video chat with a professional consultant, a salesperson from the vendor or store;
- The ability to buy via integration;
- Increased customer loyalty during quarantine;
- Preserving jobs during a pandemic.

Customer Identity& Age Verification

KYC principles are relevant not only for banking but also in retail. Through integrations with our recognition services, you will be able to implement:

- Identification of 18+ customers, which is mandatory for the sale of alcohol and tobacco products;
- Control over the purchase of 18+ products in self-service kiosks;
- Remote purchase verification;
- Prevention of fraud with loyalty cards and use of rewards.

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