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Automate all types of messages and deliver the right content to your customers at the right time

The reality is that traditional chain letters from marketers no longer work and are often ignored by customers. The efficiency of email newsletters is extremely low: with an open rate of just 23% and a CTR of less than 3%. At the same time, the CTR of a mailing bot is as high as 40%, and the open rate is 85%.

Many companies put their customers on a mailing list automatically after sending an order confirmation email, and these messages often end up in the spam folder. As opposed to that, to receive notifications from a bot, a user must first subscribe to it in a messenger. And someone who does this voluntarily will more than likely be interested in receiving news from your company.

Thanks to the mailing interface of the Kwizbot chatbot platform, you can use the traditional digital tool — email automation — in a new way with much greater efficiency.

The Broadcast Feature In Omnichannel Chatbots

A messaging bot can help you automate one of the most common marketing tasks: sending special offers, news and notifications. You can schedule automated messages and set up special events or conditions in the bot script to trigger their sending depending on your business goals. What kinds of content can be broadcast automatically:

Direct advertising and promos: placing a link to your own or an affiliate's website to direct traffic there and monetise it;
Warming up your audience: raising brand awareness, engaging with customers and target audience, increasing their loyalty;
Company news on the latest events and important announcements (opening of branches, local offices, open positions);
Promotions, special discounts and offers;
Complementary products and services;
Personalised messages based on customer actions, individual rebates and coupons;
Receiving feedback: conduct surveys, polls, encourage customers to write a review about your company, use various calls to action;
Helpful educational content — particularly relevant for information business or learning projects;
Setting up bot notifications. For example, alerts from your online store that a product is back in stock, reminders of regular actions (periodic order to save privileges and bonuses, renewal of a subscription, etc.);
Any other notifications a chatbot can deliver that are relevant to your area of business.

The key benefits of automated messaging in the bot:

Users subscribe to your updates willingly and independently. Email marketing works as long as you have a qualified base of addresses to send it. Chatbots help you manage and personalise your subscription system much more effectively than traditional CTA buttons and online forms. Also, user consent is a prerequisite for receiving mailings through a bot. By doing so, you will draw an audience of people that are willing to become better acquainted with your company and receive new offers from you;
Real-time segmentation. Categorising your customers into groups based on actual data (source of origin, demographics, purchase history, interests, etc.) allows you to target them more precisely;
Qualifying leads before segmentation. By monitoring how users are progressing through the dialogue branches, you can not only assess their needs but also determine what stages of the funnel they are at;
Relevance. Knowing what your customers are buying will allow you to offer them timely help, understand their interests, hear their objections, and deliver only relevant content;
Increasing sales. By offering something interesting in a personalised newsletter, you can "push" the lead without causing rejection. A chatbot acts as a virtual manager who provides more information about the company's products and periodically reminds of its presence in an unobtrusive way;
Minimising errors. By setting up automation through the operator interface, you'll send notifications and mailings to your entire contact base at the right time, eliminating errors caused by human error;
Time efficiency. Messaging is automatically triggered from a script — all you have to do is collect and analyse the statistics. You specify possible events that will trigger the chain of automatic messages set up auto-replies for the chatbot in the script, and the system does the rest.

Key Features of the Kwizbot Broadcast Module

This module can send one-time broadcasts to all users, mass mailings to users subscribed to particular topics, scheduled mailings, e.g. X hours after subscribing to a specific topic, and also allows you to set up a periodic scheduler mailing.

What specific settings you can configure:

Subscription topics  — in general, topics that users are interested in, such as buying a car, new loan terms and so on;
User subscriptions — linking users and the respective subject of a newsletter;;
Mailing templates — a custom message to be sent in the mailing (text, photo, button leading to some section of the script);
Mailing — setting up a specific template to be sent on a particular date;
Trigger — an event in the script that launches the sending of a specific mailing;
Trigger log — a log of activated triggers;
Mailing task — sending a specific message to a defined user, which contains all template fields anda timestamp for sending it.

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