Detect Text in Images

Simplify and speed up your workflow through automatic recognition of documentsand serial numbers

Kwizbot allows you to implement document recognition via ready-made solutions, or Google Cloud Vision services or through custom features.

Yes, you can just take a picture

And then, the bot will recognise everything automatically. It works — and to a high degree of accuracy. So what's available so far?

Recognition of vehicle documents

Retrieve data from the vehicle documents — owner's name, licence plate number, and VIN.

Recognition of passports

Retrieve data from a Ukrainian passport or international passport of virtually any country.

ID card

Read the reverse side of the ID card(MRZ lines).

Document classifier

Detects the document type in the photo. Can identify different types of documents.

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Connecting custom recognition methods

It is also possible to recognise, for example, device serial numbers, receipts or vehicle registration plates. For this purpose, Kwizbot supports API connection of commonly used recognition systems such as Google Cloud Vision and AWS Rekognition.

With the help of recognition systems, you can considerably simplify data entry for users, eliminate human error, and increase the overall process efficiency.

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