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Facebook has more than 1.3 billion users and is the second most popular messenger in the world.With the Facebook Messenger chatbot, you can communicate with your audience 24/7, share news and updates, and monitor user behaviour. Launch a chatbot as a full-featured online store and don't miss a single order, no matter the time of day.

Benefits of Facebook Chatbots for Your Business

Chatbot in Facebook Messenger attracts new customers, use message broadcasting to inform your audience about the latest news.

Stay in touch with your users 24/7. Handle 100% of your requests and generate sales anytime.

Chatbot in Facebook Messenger is a quick solution that saves you from the need to create a separate application.

Custom chatbot development

We implement business solutions of any complexity and offeryou a personalised approach

Self-service and chatbot creation using Kwizbot chatbot platform
from $300
Consulting on chatbot scripts
from $1,500
Business-ready bots
from $30,000
Enterprise-level chatbots

Advantages of Messenger Bots on Facebook

Functionality enhancement

Quickly expand the functionality of your bot without developers

Speed of development

Creating a chatbot within 1-2 weeks

Payment integration

Secure shopping and payment processing in Messenger bots

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Top 5 Questions About Chatbots on Facebook Messenger

What is a chatbot on Facebook Messenger?

A chatbot is another tool for communicating with your customers. Chatting with an intelligent bot is almost no different from an ordinary messenger correspondence with other users. Generally, the chatbot asks your customers questions or prompts them to select their desired queries in the form of buttons.
It is also possible to upload any attachment to the chatbot, be it a picture or a PDF file. It's up to you to decide how complex or humanized the bot will be. However, for a more complex bot configuration, a developer will be needed, while you can create and connect a simple chatbot yourself in a couple of hours using bot builders.

How many people use Facebook Messenger?

As of 2021 over 20 billion messages are exchanged between businesses and users monthly on Facebook Messenger. There are more than 300,000 active bots on Messenger. As of January 2021, Facebook Messenger has been downloaded 6.54 million times.

Is Facebook Messenger safe enough to use with customers?

You can initiate an encrypted chat in Messenger using the secret conversations feature in the app. This feature was first introduced in 2016. Besides, any Facebook user has flexible privacy settings available.

What businesses can use chatbots on Facebook Messenger?

There is almost no industry these days that does not make use of chatbots. Virtual assistants are great at taking restaurant orders and arranging deliveries, providing financial and insurance advice, and supporting call centres and companies with a large customer base. Moreover, chatbots are actively used for educational purposes, helping to provide quality distance education.

Does a bot integrate with other systems?

Definitely, yes. A chatbot built for Facebook Messenger can be seamlessly integrated with CRM, accounting and payment systems. It's also possible to add your live operators to the chats and connect other services via APIs, such as document recognition by photo (OCR), search systems and much more.

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