Chatbots in Banking:
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Set up communication with your customers in their favourite messenger. Provide Daily Banking through a personal finance bot, streamline services and advise your customers 24/7 with Kwizbot

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Chatbots for the bank— is an additional communication channel that can easily grow into a full-fledged online assistant. Even though most banks have a browser-based banking client or mobile app, it is still more convenient for customers to write to the messenger for support, and the convenience of performing everyday operations can attract new users who are uncomfortable using a web-based banking client or installing a mobile app.

What operations can be done via an omnichannel banking bot?

Begin with simple basic mechanics and gradually increase your chatbot capabilities. Where can you start?

Service & contact centre

Let me write to you instead of calling you. Automate routine operations with scripts and give a quick opportunity to talk to a live person.

Card issuance

Accept applications directly in messenger. Use the advertising and marketing potential of messengers to your advantage and win more customers.

Related services

Share daily updates on exchange rates, bank branches and their opening hours, including the nearest branch or ATM.

Get started without IBS integrations

No complex integrations are required during the initial implementation stages, and you do not compromise any customer data.

Benefits of Kwizbot Platform Banks & Fintech


With products that have APIs, CRM and ERP systems, FTP servers, as well as databases


One bot for all messengers, supporting different languages and channels

Placement inside the perimeter

Host Kwizbot Enterprise on your own servers or private cloud

Any other fancy things you can do?

Integrate with your data bus and expand the capabilities of your banking bot to guide low-risk transactions

Balances and transfers between accounts

Ability to review card balances and make quick transfers between the accounts.

Mobile top-ups

As one of the most frequent requests in online banking, mobile top-ups can be delivered directly in messenger bots.

Card blocking

If the card is lost or there are security concerns, the client quickly applies to have it blocked.

Update card limits

Handle card limit change requests.

Insuranceand related services

Sell insurance and related services, set up notifications and offer regular payments to customers.

Utility payments

Build a one-click payment process for utility bills.

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Attract more clients

Get ready to set up a real bank assistant in your messenger!

  • Video identification of new customers

    Leverage video capabilities to identify new customers with a contact center solution

  • Simplified identification with FaceID

    Or allow new customers to open accounts for small transactions 24/7 and be identified using a simplified procedure and Liveness Detection

  • Issue loans and allow payments "outside"

    Clear answers to questions of interest, no spam, no unnecessary chatter, no intrusive sales pitches

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