ChatGPT and service industry: Сan an automated system create emotions?

The service sector is one of the most controversial industries for implementing automated services. When buying a service, customers expect to receive certain emotions. Will the automated system be convincing enough to avoid looking "soulless" compared to live and friendly competitors' operators?

Customer support automation in the financial and insurance sector: a game changer.

The financial and insurance sector has always used cutting-edge help desk technologies. Customer service automation has become a critical tool for speeding up queries and improving the customer experience.

Kwizbot: a new kid in town

Customer support services is a highly competitive industry, but it is seemingly locked in a stalemate between the biggest players. It's hard to please clients with predefined features even more, but that's where flexibility comes into play.

Kwizbot VS Zendesk: the big business perspective

Zendesk was one of the most popular (and THE most popular in some regions) customer support services. Most of the pipelines are created with it in mind. Why do some companies choose Kwizbot integration if they are almost entirely interchangeable?

ChatGPT in the online sales

Automated services have many advantages, but response speed is the most important in the online commerce industry. Unless you're a monopolist, most of your customers will choose between you and your competitors as early as before the first chat. The reason for many refusals to buy is that the other seller responded faster.

AІ-support: yes or no?

Business process automation is a modern trend that is only gaining momentum now. Customer support is one of the most successful areas of its implementation. The first chatbots were fast but clumsy and "soulless." However, modern technologies allow users to get a human-like chat experience - much more efficient and 24/7.

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