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Advantages and challenges

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AI Support service automation: Why You Can't Afford to Stay Behind?

Business process automation is a modern trend that is only gaining momentum now. Customer support is one of the most successful areas of its implementation. The first chatbots were fast but clumsy and "soulless." However, modern technologies allow users to get a human-like chat experience - much more efficient and 24/7.

Advantages of new generation AI support

Similarity to human communication

According to a 2023 Gartner study, only 8% of users preferred a chatbot and only 25% were willing to use it again. Due to bad previous experiences, customers will often choose live communication, not believing that automated support will solve their problem. The latest AI systems, such as Fastline, reduce psychological resistance by offering a choice not between a chatbot and a human, but between a human-like algorithm and a human. Natural AI dialogues set the customer up for communication, and if the answer to a question is not in the database, the system can naturally switch the interlocutor to a human specialist.

Indicators of problem solving by chat bots by service type

Faster customer service

The ability to get a response instantly, regardless of time zone and line load, is the main advantage of AI systems. Statista research shows that the average customer wait time in a live chat ranges from 139.9 seconds in consumer services to 40.2 seconds in the entertainment industry. Fastline reduces this time to fractions of a second, resolving 50 to 70 percent of requests without operator intervention. In the remaining cases, the operator gains time to intercept the conversation with AI.

Reduced operating costs

Apart from the obvious advantage of eliminating large call centers, AI systems have a number of other advantages. They allow operators to improve their skills by taking over the function of the first line. Instead of answering routine questions, staff will have room for growth and specialization.

Another advantage is the reduction of staff turnover and the improvement of service quality. The psychological burden on support operators (due to complex cases, conflict customers, etc.) leads to quick burnout and job changes. By taking on the "first blow," Fastline reduces the pressure on operators and, as a result, the chance of an incorrect response to the customer.

Finally, AI systems can be an ideal intermediate (or even final) solution when expanding a business to a new market. AI does not require such expenses as a new call center operating in a new time zone, with a new language and service culture. Therefore, its use saves the company resources that can be spent on market development.

Implementing automated support improves NPS and speeds up service. The waiting time for the story is reduced to a fraction of a second

Consistency and precision

A big advantage of modern AI support is the flexibility of customizing the tone of the conversation. Fastline makes it possible to create different scenarios for different user groups (by age, gender, country, etc.), maintain a corporate style of communication, use branded words (such as "angels" in Victoria's Secret instead of "models"), and create the right emotional background.

AI also uses a single company database and eliminates the possibility of errors in case of changes in conditions or products. Whereas human operators can provide customers with outdated information they are used to for some time to come.

Improving the quality of service by operators

This point is more of a summary of the previous ones. Unburdened operators can devote more time to each case, responding attentively and empathetically. Reducing psychological pressure will negate the likelihood of rudeness or indifference, and the opportunity to improve their skills will allow them to solve more issues on the second line without passing them on to narrow specialists.

How to avoid problems with AI?

Can the system say something unacceptable?

Many people have bad experiences with ChatGPT: meaningless answers, fictitious data, or even offensive language. That's why Evergreen specialists customize the FastLine process to meet the customers' needs. The system will be integrated with the existing knowledge base, so "inventing" answers is impossible. The carefully customized tone of voice will allow the AI to stay within the framework set by the customer.

Automation of the support service is an urgent need for any company that wants to maintain its position in today's competitive market. Its implementation already now will allow us to get ahead in terms of speed and quality of the support service

How many additional services are required for integration?

FastLine offers a flexible turnkey solution according to the customer's needs. The Evergreen team will provide integration with any messengers, customize widgets, help you download and process the knowledge base, and solve other technical issues. Even if you need a non-standard solution, it can be implemented. The Evergreen team can launch the service within three days after the order.

Will I have to fire operators?

This question is on the minds of many ethical employers. Fortunately, the answer is no, unless you want it to be. Personalized live communication will still be necessary. Existing operators will either be able to stay in their positions, devoting more attention and time to customers who have not been helped by AI, or move to a higher position from the tedious work of first-line support.

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