ChatGPT and service industry:

Сan an automated system create emotions?

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The service sector is one of the most controversial industries for implementing automated services. When buying a service, customers expect to receive certain emotions. Will the automated system be convincing enough to avoid looking "soulless" compared to live and friendly competitors' operators?

Personalized communication

The advantage of FastLine is the tone of voice customization. The Evergreen team can model dialogues for any target audience (or several ones), teach the service to use branded greetings, phrases, or names, and even gamify the dialog, turning it into a mini-quest. The user will be able to get positive emotions that will encourage them to purchase the service.

The impact of a good customer experience on recommending your company to others and repeat purchases from you is incredibly large

Reduced operating costs

Transferring the routine aspects of the order (date, time, list of services) to FastLine will allow you to hire specialists instead of low-skilled operators. It's more practical to have several professionals who can explain in-depth aspects of the service directly instead of making clients wait until the operator clarifies all the nuances.

Integration with other services

The online booking system is currently popular in the service industry and is positively perceived by customers. FastLine takes it to a new level by allowing you to book a service right in the chat, in a live conversation. Instead of going to the online booking page and filling in the data (which usually takes from 3 to 18 clicks), the client can book the service with the phrase: "Make an appointment for tomorrow at 13:00".

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