Customer support automation in the financial and insurance sector:

a game changer

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The financial and insurance sector has always used cutting-edge help desk technologies. Customer service automation has become a critical tool for speeding up queries and improving the customer experience.

Improved customer service

FastLine provides customers with an answer to their questions within seconds. It is crucial when a customer calls the line due to an urgent insurance event (accident, injury, etc.). Instant answers and straightforward questions will allow the company to collect information as quickly as possible to help the customer.

Also, if customers are stressed, the system allows seamless switching between FastLine and a live operator. It will enable operators to take a short break and continue polite conversation. Or they may entirely switch to a higher priority case, giving the customer a chance to vent. When properly configured, AI generates convincing apologies and empathetic phrases, allowing the operator to intervene again when the customer moves on from their dissatisfaction to a specific issue description.

Answer to the client within seconds

Seamless switch between FastLine and operator

empathy from AI

Reduced operational costs

A large number of financial and insurance products makes the onboarding of new customers time-consuming and costly FastLine can handle many routine requests simultaneously, freeing operators' time for complex cases or allowing them to understand the customer's request better. Implementing an automated support system can increase the team's efficiency without expanding the staff or additional training of existing operators.

Improve Operational Excellence
67% of customer support departments at financial and insurance companies say that improving their operations is one of their most important goals for 2023. As customer expectations continue to rise and simple issues are resolved through self-service, help desk managers need to be sure that service and customer service functions remain flexible to customer needs.

Personal data protection

In the financial and insurance industry, protecting customer information is of particular importance. Automated systems minimize the risk of information leakage by storing encrypted data in a secure database. Data collection without human intervention will also be an advantage when it comes to the sensitive information (health, marital status, etc.) that the client would not want to disclose in person.

Service personalization

With the help of automated systems, financial and insurance companies will be able to take a more personalized approach to inquiries. Analyzing customer behavior and preferences will allow offering them the most suitable products. This will increase sales and customer satisfaction, as customers will receive relevant offers without unnecessary questions.

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