Kwizbot VS Zendesk:

The big business perspective

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Zendesk was one of the most popular (and THE most popular in some regions) customer support services. Most of the pipelines are created with it in mind. Why do some companies choose Kwizbot integration if they are almost entirely interchangeable?

The trick usually lies in the integration of the two. There is virtually no difference for small and medium businesses that build their processes from scratch. But big and established market players often use Kwizbot not as a standalone service but as a bunch of additional tools the dev team provides through custom solutions.

Let's see why you should think about using Kwizbot features integrated into Zendesk:

Basic Zendesk
What Kwizbot can add
Phone, SMS, email,
Five messengers, Live Chat Widget, custom integrations
Limited data storage
and customization,
vendor lock
No vendor lock, mobile SDK, custom data, personalized support
Limited interface branding and embedding
Full brand book compatibility, embedding into existing services
Internal analytical systems, standard feature set
Flexible data gathering, integration with third-party analytic instruments


This is crucial for the B2C sales. Working with big B2B clients doesn't usually require anything more than phone and email. But to reach the broader audience (especially Gen Z and further), you must be as flexible as possible. The response time is crucial to sales to this group; otherwise, smaller but more agile businesses will steal your customers for themselves.

In addition to Zendesk's Whatsapp integration, Kwizbot may add Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, Viber, and Telegram to your pool. It also has a feature-rich Live Chat Widget and a support team that can make a custom integration with any other product, e.g., regional social media. If you work overseas, your ability to integrate with local networks or embed "fashionable" products, like ChatGPT, may become a huge advantage in winning the local audience.


Growing your business demands scalable strategies, and that's where Kwizbot's flexibility may come in handy. The main Kwizbot's advantage here is custom data storage. You may plan your data architecture without the system's limitations and organize your data according to your future strategy. Having pre-prepared data formats will make establishing new pipelines fast and seamless without inventing any workarounds.

The main Kwizbot's advantage here is custom data storage.

Kwizbot also doesn't have vendor lock. You may use their personalized tech support either for developing custom features for you or just for helping your own dev team to make necessary adjustments. You may not use Kwizbot's support at all if you are sure your employees can do the job by themselves. Unfortunately, this is what Zendesk lacks.


We have already discussed backend personalization, but the frontend one in Kwizbot is unparalleled. The Kwizbot's team can make all the integrations fit your brand book to a T. Usually, creating a seamless site design compromises the desired look and third-party widgets, but with Kwizbot, you may achieve a flawless look without any hints that you use something else.

It may not be a significant advantage if you don't have a distinctive visual style - Zendesk also allows limited branding. But the odd widget can ruin the first impression if your company has a recognizable aesthetic or your products are visually appealing (fashion, art, games, etc.).


Usual data analysis processes are built around Zendesk possibilities, and it usually works well. But Kwizbot's flexible data gathering can enhance your toolkit greatly. It can gather virtually any data and use integrations with DataStudio, PowerBI, Amplituda, and other analytic systems. No more manual transfers and data-fitting routines; Kwizbot will make any data analysis seamless, saving you the money and time of your employees.


The main ace in Kwizbot's sleeve is its flexibility and ability to integrate with anything. While other products usually demand a complete transfer, here you may enjoy the best of both without repercussions. Usually, Kwizbot is used as a toolset for expanding businesses to yet uncharted markets where your agility decides if you are to conquer them.

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